Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your average students that attend the Golf Academy and what level of abilities do they possess?
Regardless of all students’ abilities, one of our main aims is to improve our students’ golf game and swings. While the majority of our students are beginner to intermediate level, we have found that experts also find that there is always something to improve in the skill of golf under our unique training system.
Is it possible for various companies and groups to customize the golf lesson itinerary?
Yes. We are open and constantly look forward to customizing programs for you. Customised golf lessons/classes may include (but not limited to) having classes on full swing with video or any other combination you would like such as the putting aspect (short game) and strategic course management,. We would be more than happy to work with you to come up with the itinerary you are looking for.
Is there a common dress code to adhere by?
All students are required to put on their proper golf attire. (Shorts & collared T-shirt) Golf Shoes or Tennis shoes are required.
What is the minimum age restriction for your golf lessons?
The minimum age to join our Junior Golf is 6 years old. However it is important to take note that when it comes to children attending the school, they tend to lose interest after a period of time and are unable to stay focused during long instructional times. Therefore to ensure its full benefits and enjoyment, It is highly encouraged for parents to attend with their child.
Will I really improve my game by attending your golf lesson?
It is guaranteed that you will play better golf if you continue to take the instructional tips with you and continue on the right path of practicing the correct swing techniques that you were taught. Improving and lowering your scores would be evident with the right amount of dedication and practice.
I have reserved a spot in a school and need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. What options do I have?
You must contact us at least 48 hours prior to your lesson schedule date for further assessment.
Is it possible for a person not attending the golf lessons to play golf with me at the end of the course?
While Guests are welcome to play on a space availability basis, there is a fee for non-attending guests to join in for golf and advanced arrangement is required.
What is the minimum/maximum number of students in a class?
The minimum number of students is one to one in a session. The maximum number of students is (6) six students for each instructor.
Is there a waiting list?
There usually isn’t a waiting list as we have enough instructors to accommodate our guests at any time during the year. However while unlikely, should there be a waiting list, it would not take more than a few days.
Do the instructor(s) play rounds of golf with the students at the end of each course?
Yes, our instructors will make all the necessary arrangements and play rounds of golf with their students. Students are paired with other students who are taking lesson at the academy.
What is the policy on inclement weather?
Every attempt will be made to continue with the academy daily schedule regardless of weather conditions especially if it’s raining. However if weather becomes a problem which results in students to losing out on instructional time, we will gladly arrange for make up sessions during off peak period with the students for another schedule date.