Proficiency Certificate Test (“PC”)


While hitting the ball reasonably well is important, getting it airborne over varying distances ranging from 30 to 150 meters using several different clubs. It is required of the player to be able to hit 5 balls for each distance; 3 of which must be airborne. The golfer will pass the test upon attaining these requirements and will be awarded the PC thereafter. However, to qualify for this test, you will need to have attended the golf workshop and to passes the written theory test.

Price Per PaxValidity
PC TestS$12012 months
PC RenewalS$8012 months


Handicap Courtesy Round (“HCR”)


Applicants for the handicap test are required to sit for a Handicap Courtesy Round (HCR). The main purpose of the HCR is to ensure that the golfers have a good understanding pertaining the rule of golf, having an awareness of the etiquette required during a game and possessed golf skills corresponding with the Handicap Index award.


Pre Requisites For The Handicap Courtesy Round

To be eligible for Handicap Courtesy Round, candidates must have :

  1. Attended and passed the Golf Workshop on etiquette and golf rules
  2. Passed the Proficiency Certificate Test
  3. Submit 5 X 18 hole game scorecards


Conduct Of The Handicap Courtesy Round

  • The Handicap Courtesy Round will be conducted over 9 holes
  • Candidates will be judged on turnout, understanding and knowledge of etiquette/rules and overall golfing skills.
  • Candidates may attempt the test twice over an 18 hole game
  • Turnout :Candidates must show up at the tee box at least 15 minutes before the appointed tee off time. Any appearance later that this will constitute a major fault. Candidates will be deemed to have not meet the requirements of the HCR if they are unable to make the tee off time.
  • Golfing Etiquette/rules : Candidates must demonstrate an adequate understanding and knowledge of golf etiquette and rules. Failure to show basic etiquette, e.g not repairing divots and pitch marks, not raking bunkers, slow play etc, is considered a major fault.
  • Golf Skill : Candidates must demonstrate a reasonable skill in ball striking abilities.


Qualifying Standards

* To qualify for a USGA Handicap Index, golfer :

  • Must not have two or more major faults
  • Must record a score that is not more that 14 strokes over gross for man and 20 strokes over gross for ladies over the best 7 holes played in a 9 hole game.

* A candidate who meets the above requirement will be awarded a USGA Handicap Index corresponding to that generated by the 5 scorecards submitted prior to the Handicap Courtesy Round.


Reconsideration For A Handicap Courtesy Round 

  • If a golfer does not quality for USGA HI due to lack of basic etiquette and poor understanding of golf rules, he/she may be asked to sit for the Golf Test again before being awarded a Handicap Index
  • If a golfer does not qualify for a USGA HI due to a lack of reasonable golfing skills, another Handicap Courtesy Round can only be requested for after another 5 x 18 hole scorecards.


Cost Of A Handicap Courtesy Round

  • Inclusive Testing Fee and 1 Year Golf Handicap Maintenance
  • Green Fees not included


Golf Handicap Maintenance (USGA)

Golf Handicap Maintenance (1 year)Renewal (1 year)
Adult Category

(Age 21 – 54 years)

Senior Category

(Age 55 years and above)

Junior Category

(Age below 21 years)



Orchid Country Club (Yishun)

1 Orchid Club Rd, Singapore 769162

Mandai Executive Golf Course

Mandai Road, Track 7 S779384

Bukit Batok Golf Driving Range

2 Bukit Batok West Avenue 7 S659003

Batam Golf Course

Jl.Hang Lekiu – Nongsa 29465 Indonesia

Bukit Timah Golf Complex

60 Fairways Drive, S286966
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