Golf Lessons

” Many golfers today often find that they can’t seem to lower their current score no matter how hard they practice. One of the many reasons for this is that quite a fair number of golfers of today are either self-taught or taught by their friends which create basic errors in their golf swings. “

Without proper instruction and guidance, your fundamentals are affected and if it isn’t corrected properly its no wonder many golfers find they can’t go further in the game that they wish to. Most who do, later decide to seek proper instruction and find great difficulty adapting to the “new” way of playing as this will affect their initial score. This means that if a person was taught by means other than a golf professional and then seeks proper instruction, he would have to take two steps back in order to take three steps forward to correct this basics.

In other words, it is essentially critical that you take lessons from a fully qualified golf professional when you are starting out in the game so that that the fundamentals are learnt and fully understood. It is not impossible but it will be of great difficulty to relearn it in future if you get into the game with a bad start.

Many fail to realize that its not the intensity of the training and neither is it the frequency you play. That alone is not enough though at times necessary. This is where proper instruction can really affect your productivity every time you set foot into the course, etc.

Choose Your Lessons

Beginner Golf Lessons

Suitable for beginner with little or no golf experience
The Benefit: You will learn the importance of necessary preparation and the basics of the golf game before you start to play golf.

Advance Golf Lessons

Suitable for golfers who wish to become more proficient in golf, lower their handicap or play for tournaments
The Benefit: This advance programme will lead you towards lowering your existing handicap. Guide closely by our Master Golf Pro. Your progress will be tracked through computer-video analysis and practice drills.

Intermediate Golf Lessons

Suitable for golfers who wish to pursue for their Golf Handicap
The Benefit: Fine tuned your golf swing and improve your game tremendously.

Junior Golf Lessons

Suitable for children aged 6 and above
The Benefit: For juniors to have better grounding of fundamentals, building a strong foundation in the game which is essential when playing a game of golf.